Got Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We answer here most asked questions about the community E2E, it’s purpose, who the members are, whose the one behind it as individual or team, how to use it, what are the restrictions

The Concept Overview

  • Closed private Professional E2E platform with verified accounts
  • and approved, invited engineers can join the network
  • Joining the network will empower the engineering profession and the member network within local ad global boundaries 
  • Friendly Designed with easy interface similar to commonly used social network
  • It’s totally free to enhance the profession of engineering 

The only restriction that covers all aspect, you need to respect the common sense of ethics related to the professional code of conduct

It’s an online platform which is acceptable as long as you have a proper device (computer – mobile – tab – and so on) with good internet connection 

Yes, you can via the members directory as the target is to enhance the professional communication between engineers for business opportunities and educational purposes 

Getting Started

You are either invited or you can request the membership where your professional background shall be verified as this is the point of network

Your account will be suspended after one month since creation where it would not be active till you send all your details to admin team

Inviting is limited on verified accounts only within theconcept network (profiles with blue mark) which means you have contributed to the network with valuable contents…