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We are connecting professional engineers all together within a private closed network to form E2E Community

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Engineer's Community E2E

Enhancing and enriching Engineering Profession by social interaction and continuous  development

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From Engineers to Engineers

A platform that had begun on 27th Nov 2007 by Eng. Ahmed Dalloul to create an online engineering community to share info and professionals interaction for verified info & technology

The platform was known as: (asdd-engineering.com) for 6 years till 2013 where it stopped due to partners different viewpoints

TheConcept.us is a pure community for engineers who are invited or have requested to join the community  

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Social/business interaction Happen

TheConcept.us provides engineers with a verified highly specialized network to interact unlike other social networks where it has lots of hassles 

Anything posted is verified and easy to track as members are invited or request to join to avoid faked accounts 

Hence, you can interact confidently for social and business purposes without limits

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Simplify communication step by step

The network is private and closed type where majority of engineers know each other to simplify the communication step by step…

Moreover, gradually, the network will open-up for the next level without complexity of other networks to ensure quality and integrity 

The main objective is to create E2E productive community benefiting the engineering profession 

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Create a connecting platform

for all engineers across the globe and their societies or groups..

Sharing knowledge, experiences, challenges, problems, issues, solutions, discussing profession forward, and so on…

Unlike other social networks, theconcept.us is for verified trusted accounts of professional engineers who knew each others away from faked, unknown hassles in other networks


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Our Partners/Supporters

The list of partners and supporters whether educational institute, engineering societies, or commercial company where companies are restricted to a member who is either a partner or owner of the company


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