Graduated - High School (95.8%)

Finishing my basic studies (primary - preparatory - Secondary) at Qatar where I graduated from New Rayyan High School with 95.8%

Karate Second Blackbelt (2 Dan)

I had passed the second black belt in Karate at Qatar after months of preparation with the Qatari National Team trainer as sports is a major part of my life since then but mainly into fitness and general healthy life style...

BSc Civil Eng. (GPA= 3.15/4)

Graduated from Qatar University where I am one of the first patch graduated on a study program accredited by ABET organization. The program was up to ABET standards and regulations base on required inputs and desired level of outputs. Moreover, I was one of the nominated graduates to meet the ABET committee for both way evaluations (the output and the system).

Associate Member in ASCE

I am a member in ASCE since 2003 where I came to know it from university ethics course and I started as student member, affiliate, to associate

Certified Autodesk Robobat User

Certified user for the leading software Robobat Mill. which is acquired by Autodesk where BIM is mainly built on the basis of RM and its extensions from Poland. Special thanks to Eng. Mazen Demyati

Joining Aspire Zone - PM

Joining one of the leading sports organization at Qatar "Aspire Zone Foundation - Logistics" on 4th Sep 2008 as Sr. Civil Engineer to perform all related scope of works from design to Project Management and event management and so on...

Certified Internal Auditor

Attended and succeed in the exam of Internal auditing by veloci and update the knowledge on 2015