What happend to our brains

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It's an old topic to discuss as many did in the last 30 years; however, I am going to highlight some concerns nowadays where everybody starts feeling it during ordinary day activities...

Recently, the dependent level on smart gadgets becomes extremely high on almost all ages and to prove that to you, please take a moment to answer the following questions:

  • Have you calculated the remaining money after any purchasing recently?
  • Have you written any article by hand using paper and pen recently?
  • Have you remembered a meeting or an occasion without any alarm from your gadget recently?
  • Have you dialed any phone number directly without using your phone directory recently?
  • Have you used your own GPS to reach somewhere other than Google Map recently? 
  • Have you read any real physical book recently?
  • Have you been in any physical activities without your mobile?
  • When was the last time you had really talked with your friends over phone rather than iMessages?

and more more more... Currently, most of us became slaves to our gadgets to a level I doubt many will do some basics math manually. Moreover, handwriting is limited to few lines or even few words where the case is extremely bad on the young generation or as many called them i-generation...

I am not against technology at all, actually I am utilizing it heavily as a very productive tool to me; however, without compromising the basics or make my brain lazy or become dedicated to social media channel or i-calendar, or forgetting the human communications basics...

Honestly, look around you in a restaurant, in GYM, in a Mall, in any events, you will see almost every body is focusing on a small screen communicating with the whole world, but not with his real physical surroundings... sometimes even in family gathering!!!!!

Furthermore, handwriting is now considered as old fashion, correct spelling, and correct grammar is based on computer system! while for me personally, I am still hating the keyboard as I am making more mistakes rather than write it down on paper!

Unfortunately, nowadays even engineers are depending on computer software blindly without any manual checks or engineering sense. Also, project manager is now a slave for primavera or office project! we become extremely lazy and our brains become in pilot mode...

Start from now, to train your brain again as you train your body muscles as your brain is the most important muscle you have...

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