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Project Management in Middle East and North Africa (MENA) nowadays is like managing chose of stakeholder's modes or boss modes.

Unfortunately, majority of PMs in MENA are powerless where they have to accommodate unstable people modes in order to survive and to achieve project deliverables by anyhow with minimum cost in shortest time with no care about quality.

Seriously, this is the main reasons of having very weak companies, weak businesses, weak systems, and poor products. Moreover, the term of PM in MENA is linked to construction and events, but not to businesses.

If you look at your area, you will be surprised that how unqualified PMs are managing major projects without knowing the program their project is under or the portfolio or the ultimate strategic objective/goals their project serving eventually. This is a cultural defect in MENA as everything is classified as secrets where it's available over the web.

The current situation after the lack of cash flow in many MENA countries, the huge uncertainty factor, the high risk by all aspects are exposing those weak identities where money is more valuable to fix those mistakes and errors. However, PMs needs to be honest with owners, investors, stakeholders to avoid the big crash or bad ending of a project, company, or identity...

Despite the fact that everybody knows very well what I am stating here, they think money will cover everything. However, investors, owners, are now more conservative about their money and hence, the segregation already started to sort good tomatoes from bad ones.

In my opinion, the problem comes from both parties where investors wants quick profit base on a concept of (Hit & run) for a short time, and the PM who is just doing the best to fit this purpose where the result is a very poor product that exists for a short time as well.


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