Far Away From Humanity

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Today is the 22nd Jan 2017, after three years of my father death I am still having thoughts against medical science and people who are forgotten they are human before doctors.

In this article I will not use the medical terms rather than simple words to explain my viewpoint. In 22nd Jan 2014, the hospital called me to inform me that my father brain is totally dead and I had to sign-off a form to remove the life support machines! I was surprised as I asked the caller over phone "is his heart beating or not?" and the respond was "yes, still beating"

I still remember how the discussion was bad between me and group of doctors as I used a simple concept that the heart is still beating, so not dead. This was my concept away from religion or logic or viewpoints. Moreover, they accused me of being a very bad son who doesn't care about other people lives and how many lives we would safe by organs donations...

Despite the fact that patient is my father, how can I murder a person to save other people lives which I don't know who are they? how can I take that decision on my father behalf? how can I decide that he wouldn't come back to life as many cases did? how can I accept the un-ethical way those doctors talked to us as family? The funny part was they consider us as emotional people; while they were forgotten they were human at first place...

Anyhow, I rejected their proposal, and my father passed peacefully on 25th Jan 2014 (three days after what they had stated). The shock was on the death certificate date where they placed 22nd Jan 2014! I tried my best and reached to the top people to rectify that; with no hope as they were convinced by our stupid science that he was dead 3 days before.

The funny part and the shocking news was they had sent many cases (dead brains) outside the country to have special treatment as they were considered a life !!!! That moment, I realized those doctors and people who are controlled by science are stupid and they are not human.

By the way, this is not a story from my imagination, this was a real nightmare that had happened to me and to my family due to some idiots wants to reach their yearly target or proved its a proper concept. Moreover, I was laughing when I saw even Islamic religious leaders said it's not banned to save other lives! then I knew, it's a total miss and it's pure business away from Humanity

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