The Business Pretender

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The pretender was a well known TV series where a man can be anyone and pretend to be any character! Nowadays, we have a new type of pretenders which is called "Business Pretender"

Currently, many organization are looking for business consultants or some heros to assist them reaching their strategic goals and efficiency in terms of revenues vs. expenses. Actually, they paid a lot for offices and nowadays they hired someone to do so; however, they are still failing in reaching any where! without knowing the reason...

For any profitable identity or non-profitable ones, reaching strategic goals are vital where it will strengthen the identity existence in the field. Also, it will reflect system strength implemented in most cases as some goals are just more revenues only. On the other hand, business consultants and individuals are paid a lot nowadays to reduce cost and to create an efficient sustainable business system following the money pathways in/out of identities.

Frankly, most of them are business pretenders where they create a cloud to connect all business units, departments, projects into a centralized dynamic system to segregate them based on business streamlines need; where actually they are connected a chaos cloud linked to one person inside. This system is built based on utilizing technology algorithm where connected parties will never know how their problems or challenges are solved, so the control power remain in one hand. Business pretenders create those system for centralized/micro-management identities to keep the power in dictators hands.

Moreover, business pretenders survival is based on keeping the cloud as big as possible supported by technology away from real business modules, so the dictator can't replace them easily or lay them off as well. It's like a win-win relationship where the only loser is the business itself on the long run.

The business identity will accomplished their projects, goals, revenues, and so many things on the short run; however, it will be linked strongly to certain people not to a system which will damage the business identity once those people vanish like what we will be hearing very soon over the globe huge identities falling apart...


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