I have capabilities in three major areas with high focused on its subsidiaries capabilities I should have. However, I am on a journey where I never stop learning and developing my capabilities

Creativity that exceeds limits

Growth and change are two realities that no business can afford to ignore. However, Sustainable strategies linked to creativity in managing the change towards future is the key to sustain within fast changing world. I can provide those keys in terms of sustainability, sketches & concept, facilities management, extraordinary ideas, and utilization of new technologies

Senior Intl. Project Manager

Which gives me international network to know-how , smart, efficient and convenient services in locally and globally. Moreover, construction management, contract management, scope and project closing, managing the whole process and plan it to meet international standards and align it to business streamlines (Strategies - Portfolios - Programs)

Designer Sustainable Solutions

With very strong technical background on theory, practices, standards, and software, I have very strong capabilities in analyzing any type of structure, and get your design to optimum stage guided by intl. business standards and sustainability in (site - construction - operations). I had been involved in many design projects with very high complexity locally and globally linking all to sustainability and limiting depletions